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Choose Your Service Level


We handle your payables, payroll, receivables, and accounting. In addition, we process Estoppels under the new State Law, perform the filings with the DBPR and the Department of Corporations, and file your Federal and State Income Tax forms. Payment approvals and actual payments are both electronic. All paper is scanned into the Cloud and is immediately accessible. End-of-Month reports are emailed to the Treasurer for review.


Along with the above, we manage the Common Elements of the Association such as the care and maintenance of the buildings, utilities, roads, landscaping, pool and spa, gates and fences, roads, etc.  Generally, we work with your current maintenance staff and with your existing vendors, both of whom typically have valuable experience with the property.


Along with the Accounting, we notice, attend, and take minutes at all Board Meetings. We provide a free meeting room, phone and video conferencing, and audio recording for transcribing minutes. We work with the Treasurer to produce the Annual Budget, organize elections, manage the Special Assessment processes, and consult with the various Directors as they perform their prescribed duties. 


The most effective way of communicating to Members is through an active, up-to-date website.  We build a website for each client that provides a permanent web presence that they own.  Legacy companies build websites within a portal that, when you terminate their services, the website “disappears”.  Built by a professional graphic designer and a webmaster, your new site will be most attractive, highly functional, and regularly utilized by your residents.

Becoming An Association Client

While we can onboard clients at any time, a January or July start works pretty well.  However, there are times when we much act faster, and that is also workable.  We are guided by a task list and a list of needed files and documents to perform conversion.


The process leading to our start of business begins with an overture, such as this communication. We gather information about the Association and the expectations of the Board, compose a proposed list services, and then price it and present it. If acceptable, the proposal’s terms are incorporated into our Standard Contract which is approved and then signed by the Board President.


We price our services based your choice of Service Levels, on whether you are a condo or HOA, on the number of units, and on the frequency of regular assessments. We do not charge you for each phone call, envelope, fax, check, sheet of paper, or increments of time. We never markup someone else’s charges. You pay a base fee plus out-of-pocket expenses. While we’d like to keep all clients forever, you can exit our contract with 30 days’ notification.


One other very important thing: what we produce (records repository, website, etc), the client is always the owner.  You will never encounter a dispute over records.

You will find us to be open and honest, not perfect, but pretty good at what we do.  We like Boards who coordinate efforts well.  We want to be part of a team and will work diligently to overcome adversity and produce good results.  Life on the Keys should be pretty good, and we think doing business on the Keys should be no different.

We want to be part of a team, and will work diligently to overcome challenges and produce good results.
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