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How We Excel

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LPS Serves Only Longboat Key


We live, work, volunteer, contribute, play, and socialize here.  Both David and Steve are homeowners in Bay Isles and Longboat Key Club members.  When faced with an emergency situation, we can be onsite in minutes, any time of the day and any day of the week.  We deliver what our clients/neighbors expect, much better than any legacy company headquartered in Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Orlando, Lakewood Ranch, and elsewhere.


LPS Is Organized For Maximum Efficiency

For new clients, we can dedicate an experienced manager immediately and later follow with a permanent manager.  We do not have supervisors, directors, vice-presidents, company cars, and overhead frills.  Our managers on average have less than half the clients as compared to the legacy companies, thus we can deliver superior service.  How we do this is our secret.


LPS Customizes Solutions For Every Client

We flex our resources and services to the needs of the associations, not the reverse like all the legacy management companies.  We offer portfolio, hybrid portfolio, and on-site management.  We are mature, intelligent, logical, communicative, courteous, patient, respectful, and reasonable. 


LPS Happily Takes Your Calls

We also communicate via text messages and e-mails.  With our smartphones, we have access to the entirety of each client’s records at our fingertips.  We also encourage in-person visits where we have a conference room, internet access, and free notary services.  Every LPS manager is also a Florida Notary.

LPS Manages The Physical Property Equally Well as Client Associations

We have superb business relationships with numerous professional, dedicated vendors.  We are experienced project managers and scaled in 2021 to manage $2.4m of major projects concurrently.  


LPS Is Serious About Your Funds

We pay your bills promptly using electronic approval and payment systems.  We invoice members on various cycles and promote one-click e-payment of invoices.  We have 100% success with collections and property liens.  We excel in managing what is usually the largest budget item: insurance.


LPS Has Broad Expertise In The Latest Technologies

We can build knockout websites for our clients, quickly and inexpensively.  We employ both a graphic designer and a webmaster so your site stands out visually and functionally.  The website also works on your notebook, tablet, and smartphone.  We hope to soon introduce special features such as your Community Directory within a dedicated App on your smartphone.


LPS Can Competently Guide The Process of Updating Your Governing Documents

We have worked with law firms and committees to amend and rewrite governing documents.  We have published guidelines from assessing the need to restate or amend documents, how best to work with existing documents or pattern documents from your attorney, and how best to obtain the votes of the membership.

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